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New York, New York!
O, New York! Fair city of the fairest
Of the fairer sex, who doth kiss the streets
With honey-sweet feet; thus with a bee’s zest,
These eyes entreat thee for thine urban treats!
Buzz, dancing sight! For thither walks my love!
Whitherward chance I ‘pon she—a flower
Midst rare bloom (tho’ hers be rarer)—O, Jove!
Not them, but grant me her! Or her! Or her!
O, New York! Share thy wealth of fairness,
For suburban bumpkin I am, jealous
Of thy five-borough’d embrace’s wideness
As hold dost thou all that’s held beauteous!
And tho’ pretty she, she, and she may be,
With one heart, sad, ‘lone, weak be me, me, me!
:iconshinato-kawasaki:Shinato-Kawasaki 0 3
Haiku VIII
August day
Early autumn breeze
Steals a leaf
:iconshinato-kawasaki:Shinato-Kawasaki 3 6
Haiku VII
Heavy snow;
But why does it wait,
That lone dove?
:iconshinato-kawasaki:Shinato-Kawasaki 2 2
Abayo, yamamusume
Grant me, heavenly Euterpe,
Light words as set I to verse
Days in miracle immers’d,
Bidding adieu my blue magpie:
Like Delphic daffodil just ripe,
Didst thou spring in wintry clime;
O, with coy bloom but fairness bright,
Thaw’d fruitless times thy shine.
Thus, cometh a poet’s summer:
Endow’d Pygmalion skill,
T’ward thy name’s youth I endeavour’d
With forever pregnant quill.
Yet, like th’harvest’s sickl’d lantern
Rais’d ‘bove tempting fall’s embrace:
From far shade a fickle return,
Whilst hid elsewhere thy true face.
Now, as fleeing Proserpine,
Fixt Fates dictate thee to fly;
Aye, good-bye; for free thee do I
As how cam’st thou to me, gaily.
:iconshinato-kawasaki:Shinato-Kawasaki 2 3
Como el mar
A winter of discontent is promis’d
To those who have once tasted balmy bliss:
Governs this e’en the Sun’s timely descent
From lofty Olympus to deep Oceanus,
Curtailing the day’s expanse with his flight—
Lo, what grace! A starry wake trails behind—
If only men could fall so majestic!
But, alas! How callously doth cold near
Like an unwelcome spectre ere Dawn’s break
To be inhal’d in the midst of sweet dreams,
Instilling blood-chilling nightmares that steal
A cheek’s youthful blush and a heart’s gay beat,
For stony gravity sinks frozen soul
Into a man’s bowels—nay, deeper still:
To the shade of nine-circl’d Erebus,
Whither laments torment the stagnant air
And the filth of sin corrupts innocence,
Until he may inherent a serpent’s warmth.
So have I fallen too, and still I fall—
A constant plunge into the stygian unknown;
But, o! how this shy hollowness resounds
With a blaring boldness that shuns w
:iconshinato-kawasaki:Shinato-Kawasaki 1 3
Mature content
The Second Meditation on Childhood: Agnus Dei :iconshinato-kawasaki:Shinato-Kawasaki 5 7
O! To what depths this name has plung’d—
Extinguish’d! A flame stolen
By frowning Acheron—
And yet, how its bright remembrance,
Without a moment’s wax or wane,
Shames even proud Phoebus;
Injustice! Unjust injustice
To be once son of Peleus,
Now his mere concubine—
A wench unnam’d, unclean, unlov’d,
And unable t’ satisfy
E’en the most uncouth taste!
O! Flicker not, teasing memory!
Remind me of this name’s past worth—
Spoil me with nostalgia!
But, alas; neither beaten breast
Nor hairs yank’d may restore
Seraphic grace fallen
Beyond Cocytus
And naïve hope,
As cold steel
Calls my
:iconshinato-kawasaki:Shinato-Kawasaki 3 3
Haiku VI
Promised dawn
Expectedly comes
Not as thought.
:iconshinato-kawasaki:Shinato-Kawasaki 2 2
Haiku V
I grab mud
And paint my body
To feel young.
:iconshinato-kawasaki:Shinato-Kawasaki 3 0
Haiku IV
Drink green tea,
And put to rest that
Upbeat heart.
:iconshinato-kawasaki:Shinato-Kawasaki 2 0
Haiku III
Flown away;
Will it come again,
That young bird?
:iconshinato-kawasaki:Shinato-Kawasaki 6 3
Haiku II
Tree stripp'd leafless, but
Still it stands.
:iconshinato-kawasaki:Shinato-Kawasaki 4 0
Le Sublime by Shinato-Kawasaki Le Sublime :iconshinato-kawasaki:Shinato-Kawasaki 0 7
The First Meditation on Childhood: Kristallnacht
O, sweet raven!—friend of my youth—perch here,
‘Pon this weather’d shoulder, so may this soul
Unyoke itself through written confession—
    O! Where art thine equine majesty,
    Ass of my breast? Gallop, gallop, gallop!
Unmuzzl’d, and with caustic yawn, guzzles
Glass into glass like an amber cataract,
Inundating emptiness transparent;
The flasks, fil’d like clumsy minutemen,
Bend and stain light with their bilious hue:
Their silhouettes stretching past the floor,
And creeping into the psyche of the
Lonely adolescent—nauseated
By the bluntness of glass on countertop
Hammering shut sanity in dank coffin
Stroke-by-stroke-by-stroke, till Time, too, be dead.
Reeks now the stench of rotten liquorice
Besmok’d with a cancerous permanence
Seeping from Nostalgia’s yellow smile—
Begetting longing for happy days unliv'd:
Those times blest by innocent ignorance
Ere t
:iconshinato-kawasaki:Shinato-Kawasaki 2 8
Dies irae
Tremble doth Olympian cumulus
To the blackish hue of Thy furrow’d brow,
As breathest Thou a humid gravity—
A suffocating shroud ushering a shiv’ring
Hush upon scheming civilization.
Lo! How glow'th the twilight a fleeting white
That doth command wandering eye and ear
With roaring bellows thereupon echoing;
And without merciful pause, down pour’st Thou
Judgment’s relentless torrent t’ erode sin;
Or, perchance, Man—the twice fallen ungrac’d
Whose doubt quaketh with heaven, earth, and sea
To the memory of the deluge liv’d
Not through arch, nor faith, nor covenant,
But by a stony fate cast by Thy will.
How to Thy temper’s tempo Thou dost
Conduct th’ unebbing swell of destruction,
Quelling neither to age nor innocence,
And swallowing even the saintly priest
For a piety wholly unpious.
Aye, for forespake the Parcae of this day
When antiquity would usurp future;
When aethereal would tear asunder,
And Thy Sun uneclips’d wo
:iconshinato-kawasaki:Shinato-Kawasaki 0 5
Haiku I
With due time passes
Every sighing rain cloud,
And smiling sun, too.
:iconshinato-kawasaki:Shinato-Kawasaki 4 2
Drawings and other visual Art takes time to conceptualize. Therefore, expect to see a lot of poetry ranging from free-verse poetry to haiku. Any and all comments are appreciated! :thanks:


What is the mortal poet without a Muse? Is he not an unspirited and aimless Cassandra--though prophet, gaining the ear of none?

But, nay--it's absurd to conceive of such a creature as a poet; for guides the pen, the mind, the soul of that Creative Being something higher still. 

Yet, a word of caution: sacrifice not every creative thought to a single Muse--divide your faith, pilgrim of Truth! Aye, one must be wary of being too faithful too, for there remains the constant threat of stagnancy looming over his inner-mind's ambition of immortality like an awful shadow. The poet, should he with this third eye look at (and into) himself too (as he should), will learn when certain Muses must be quit. 

And so have I, impressionable poet though I am, reached this conviction. Though I normally disdain from speaking for my works (for I hope they speak for themselves!), my latest work "あばよ、山娘" (i.e., "Abayo, yamamusume") concludes a collection of works titled "K.C." (found here:… ). As I have of late spoken about my confidence in my recent growth, these works serve as a true testament of it; these works, with the help of my Muse, have summoned every creative fancy with such sophistication that they may even serve, to some extent at least, a true start of my so-called poetic youth (for dream do I at times, within my inner-mind, that should my name be remembered at all for my poetry, that these works serve as some early sign of some creativity within some boy!). I indeed consider these works to have some significance; and should you wish to discover the welled sentiments within my latest poem, I do suggest you consult them first. 

But one must not stagnate as I have! I have, in more recent days, been reminded quite severely of my inadequacies as a poet; and while at first the realization was a bit disillusioning but blank, I have been taught well by the great masters before me of how I err. I conceive of myself as a child with adult ambitions; thus, my projects, though grand in intention, are often executed poorly. I have yet to learn to channel my creative energies in a manner that speaks an untiring word.

What do I mean? Let me retrogress a bit: poetry has always been for me a catharsis of sorts; but as I've hinted in my last entry, I lack the temperance to make most of such a phenomenon. Thus, it passes through me in episodes: like an unnamed cloud, providing a weathered soul shade, but soon to pass forgotten and unthanked. These works of mine in their stubborn (albeit colorful) subjectivity suffers this very fate: they speak a message today which tomorrow is forgotten--or, worse--they speak a language which is only understood by me! My third eye! How narrowly it sees!

But, this shall change; my Muses unnamed command it. For to call myself a poet, first I must learn to write poetry! Thus, for the time being, I shall quit blank verse (except my works for The Meditations on Childhood); for I as a poet am not ready for such heavy freedom; first I must bear better the heaviest freedom as a poet: rhyme. And so, once I have studied rhyme and, thereafter, blank verse, may I return to it (should I find myself having any business with it, too, that is). 

For now, dear Reader, patience! for cometh anon the long-sought Light!

  • Listening to: Bach: Partita No. 2, BWV 1004 (played by Perlman)
  • Reading: Paradise Lost
  • Watching: Mother Nature
  • Playing: Piano
  • Eating: Chicken... lots of chicken (still)
  • Drinking: The blackest coffee one could imagine


Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
I live to create.

I am a visual artist. I have been drawing ever since the seventh grade. Originally, my ambitions were to move to Japan and become a manga creator. As I aged, however, these dreams were grounded; not "destroyed", mind you. Nay, I have traveled far thanks to these dreams: towards the road to fluency in Japanese and falling in love with a beautiful culture.

I am a writer. I have been writing poetry since the ninth grade, and do so today. As of late, the scope of my writings expanded to included Philosophy; and my blog can be found at

I am a musician. I have been independently learning piano since the tenth grade and play chiefly Classical Music. Among my favorite composers would be Beethoven, Bach, and Chopin.

I live to create.




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